I’m Etelka Lehoczky, a writer living in Chicago. I’ve covered business, culture, books, personal finance and other wildly divergent topics.


The years I’ve spent covering small business and personal finance enable me to present complex topics with authority and verve. I’ve written about business, money and career issues for Money magazine, Inc. magazine, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Advocate and Salon.com. To see some of my money articles, click here.


Passion and erudition mark my work as a critic for some of the country’s top publications: The New York Times, NPR.org, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the Advocate, Salon.com and the Chicago Tribune. To see some of my stories about culture and the arts, click here.


Offbeat, edgy, a little bit nervous-making – that’s the vibe I go for on my blogs. On Wretched Refuse, I brought a dose of misanthropy to the world of eco-crafts. On FanDumb, I poked fun at science fiction, fantasy and other aspects of geek culture.

WRETCHED REFUSE: Where green crafts get trashed!

FANDUMB: Fun with geek culture

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